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Guided tours

Our tip - your Luther Finder

Our tip - your Luther Finder

Luther Finders are trained and certified visitors' guides specialising in the Reformation Decade. They have professional expertise and can accompany and guide visitors to the Luther venues and Reformation sites.


A garrulous crone in Luther´s "... beloved town" (Group tours)
Johanna, the handmaid in the Cotta’s house, is not only renowned for her gossip and delightful stories. She has to let everybody in on the fact that “..Martin Luther, yes – she knew him…”

Luther - Student and Junker Jörg (Group tours)
For three years, young Martin Luther went to school in “…his dear town“ Eisenach and was met with a warm reception in the Cotta household. He was to return under the name of “Junker Jörg“.

Lutherfinders guide you through Luther´s "... beloved town" (Group tours)
Lutherfinders, trained by the Protestant Adult Education association, give fascinating, lively and competent accounts of Luther’s school days in Eisenach, of Junker Jörg in the Wartburg, and so much more…



Martin Luther in Erfurt (Group tours)
On your way through the city you will see interesting historical Luther sites such as the Luther Monument, the Church of St Michael, the Studentenburse and the Augustinian Monastery.

Tour around the Augustinian Monastery
An impressive tour around the Augustinian Monastery with a visit to the permanent exhibition “BIBLE-MONASTERY-LUTHER” and the Luther room. Martin Luther lived here as a monk from 1505 to 1511.


Martin Luther and the Reformation in Jena (Group tours)
You can visit the late Gothic hall church of St. Michael where Martin Luther delivered sermons, you can also view the original bronze gravestone with the Bible and Luther rose.

Following in Luther´s Footsteps - a Landlady´s Tales (Group tours)
On the way to Luther’s original gravestone you will be given exciting insights into everyday life in Jena 500 years ago.


Schmalkalden Resolute and Protestant 
The group tour takes you through the historic old district of Schmalkalden with the town hall, town church of St George, Luther House, Rose Pharmacy, Hessenhof House and Wilhelmsburg Palace.

Historic tour of the Town Hall 
The tour of Schmalkalden Town Hall includes the venue where the Schmalkadian Alliance was founded and held its meetings, the council chamber, coats-of-arms of the members of the Alliance and the Luther bust.

Towerkeeper stories

Legends and facts about the "highest" town official - in the towerkeeper's room of St George's Church


Mühlhausen and the Reformation
The guided tour of the city gives information about the period of the Reformation and important events involving Thomas Müntzer.

Guided tour of St. Mary´s Church (Group tours)
This is a guided tour of the church associated with Thomas Müntzer.

Guided tour of the Peasants´ War Museum (Group tours)
Visitors will learn about the history of the former monastery church of St. Crucis - now the Corn Market Church in which the exhibition is housed.


Spalatin, the Reformation and Altenburg´s  Churches (Group tours)
Luther's friend Spalatin put the ideas of the Reformation into practice during the first superintendency in Altenburg. Follow in his footsteps in the town and its churches

Between Reformation and Revolution (Group tours)
Guided tour of the Brothers' Church with gravestone of Luther's great-grandson and memorial statues of the Reformers on the facade.

Bad Colburg-Heldburg Castle

Martin Luther and the Reformation in Heldburg

Follow in the footsteps of the Reformation through the little farming town of Heldburg. Visit the town church "Zu unserer lieben Frauen", which was consecrated as a Protestant church in 1536/1537 and has side panels based on Cranach paintings.



Luther to go

Luther to go

Walk the Luther Trail as a digital experience - with maps, elevation profile, tour planner and all the major attractions along the route.

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