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As of now, the new free app is your ideal companion on the Luther Route! It navigates, informs and inspires on a multimedia basis. Divided into 46 stages and including a wealth of tips for tours, it covers more than 400 tourist attractions, Luther venues, churches and places to stay. So why not download it now?

Luther´s writings become a World Heritage

17 writings from the Reformation movement have become part of the World Documentary Heritage. They include four from Thuringia, from the Duchess Anna Amalia Library and the Central State Archives in Weimar, the Gotha Research Library and the Jena University Library...

Eisenach Luther House reopens

The 26 September 2015 was the big day – the Eisenach Luther House reopened its doors and has now become an ultra-modern museum. With exceptional exhibits and numerous interactive elements, the new permanent exhibition entitled “Luther and the Bible” reveals surprising insights.

Luther stands on the balcony of the Hotel Elephant

The Hotel Elephant in Weimar has a new guest on its balcony. As a visible sign of the Luther Decade, a statue of the Reformer - based on Henry van de Velde - stands on the balcony of the tradition-rich hotel. Luther visited Weimar several times and preached in the town church.

Eisenach´s St George´s Church in new splendour

It is one of the oldest Protestant churches and an authentic Luther venue. There has been elaborate restoration of, for example, objets d’art such as tomb slabs, paintings, epitaphs, glass windows and the magnificent coffins. The reopening of St George’s Church was celebrated on 26 October with cantatas by J. S. Bach...

LUTHER BASE - tracking down the Great Reformer

With the new cross-media platform, Luther's work and the Reformation venues come back to life. Extensive photographic and film material provides a wide range of information about the places where Luther lived and worked, such as Wittenberg, Erfurt, Worms and Augsburg.

Erfurt Augustinian monastery on the way to World Heritage

The Erfurt Augustinian monastery has a good chance to be included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO already 2017th.

Original letter of Luther in the depot of Bertholdsburg Castle

A real rarity is Luther´s letter to the theologian Justus Jonas, written on Friday after the Assumption of the year 1536. He is dry and securely stored in the oldest part of the Bertholdsburg Castle in Schleusingen.