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Luther cities

His longest trips led to Rome, but in his life Martin Luther spent more time in the Thuringian cities. He filled the churches in which he preached, met friends, discussed with faith opponents and visited monasteries. Journey to the heart of the Reformation .

  • Bad Colberg-Heldburg (Reformation im Bildprogramm der Veste Heldburg)
  • Altenburg (Spalatin, the man behind Luther)
  • Arnstadt ("We young monks opened our mouths and noses")
  • Bad Frankenhausen (Reformation and Peasants' War in a monumental painting)
  • Eisenach and the Wartburg ("No other city knows me better“)
  • Erfurt (It was here that the most successful conversions in the history of the church began)
  • Gotha (Where Luther dictated his first will and testament)
  • Heldrungen (Thomas Müntzer was held prisoner in the dungeon of the moated castle)
  • Jena (In a 90 minute sermon Luther settled a score with Karlstadt)
  • Kahla (A broken crucifix lay on Luther´s path to the pulpit)
  • Möhra (Original home of the family and starting-place of a "kidnapping")
  • Mühlhausen (Where Luther’s adversary Müntzer worked and was beheaded)
  • Neustadt/Orla (Came to resolve conflicts)
  • Nordhausen (If one sword had been drawn, a conflict would have begun)
  • Orlamünde ("...if you would only break your neck,“ was shouted at Luther)
  • Reinhardsbrunn (Unrecognised, Luther conducted strange negotiations)
  • Saalfeld (Luther is the guest of one of Thuringia´s most prominent reformers)
  • Schmalkalden (Luther and the Schmalkaldic League)
  • Sonneberg (Where Luther was wrongly thought to have stayed)
  • Steinbach (Where Luther was dragged out of his carriage and put on a horse)
  • Stotternheim (Lightning changes Luther´s life)
  • Tambach-Dietharz (Luther was already "expecting the grave")
  • Weida (A sermon and a helpful letter from Luther)
  • Weimar ("... I feel well here!“)


Luther to go

Luther to go

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