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Luther Trail

Rediscover Martin Luther's homeland and gain new insights into the legacy of the Reformation: Everywhere in Thuringia the heritage of the Reformation is authentic, and authentically visible. It was from Thuringia that the Reformation was set on its course. It is a part of the Thuringian identity.

And this identity can be experienced by simply walking, or making a pilgrimage, on the Luther Trail. Embedded in richly varied landscapes, it runs for close on 1,000 kilometres through the whole of Thuringia. It is the moving encounters with the Reformer, rich in experience and inspirational in concept, and with the many fascinating townships of the Reformation, which brings the Luther Trail together. Particularly inspiring is the section of the trail in the Glasbachgrund at Steinbach. It is here that Luther was taken prisoner. Or the section between Schmalkalden and Tambach-Dietharz, where the Reformer stopped, tormented by the pain in his kidneys. Legend has it that a draught of the pure clear water of the "Luther spring" in the Tammichgrund area brought about Martin Luther’s cure.

"Go, see, pray, find peace."  On some sections you can already relive the paths taken by the Reformer in Thuringia, in his spirit. Learn about Thuringia in Luther’s footsteps.

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